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WIFI Dimmer Switch
Item Specifics


Product Description

WIFI Dimmer Switch: Suitable for dimmable LED bulb above 5W, and work with Incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, Iodine tungsten lamp, Resistive buck LED lamp, stepless dimming LED lamp.
Touch Control Stepless Dimmer Switch: Supports maximum power of 300W that can work with most lights with dimming function. It provides the maximum amount of stepless dimming range, user can dim the light to save more electricity and extend bulb life. Voltage: AC 90-250V voltage.
APP Remote Control From Anywhere with Phone: Use smartphone to remotely turn on/off lights or adjust stepless brightness at anytime and anywhere via APP as long as the iOS/Android phone has 3G/4G/WIFI network.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Home: User can control this stepless switch via voice through Alexa / Google device to turn on/off the light and adjust the brightness.These make the operation more convenient and more intelligent.
Timing Schedules : Support max 8 enable single/repeat/countdown timing schedules each device. Preset timers can work even network is unavailable, but the device must keep power on.